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Blamping - (Black Camping)

It exists! We exist in nature. Grab a group of your best friends and head to Portola State Park - a little over an hour's drive from San Francisco. Nestle yourself amongst the Cali Redwoods near Santa Cruz. My friends and I spent a day here, and it felt amazing. Separate from modern society for 24hours, engage with your friends, leave the phone behind.

Comfort Level: 8/10 Safe Space POC?: Yes - travel in groups Queers: Here and there Tips: Grab a secluded site. If you can, bring a bicycle this a great area riding. If you're going with a group, be sure to grocery shop together - this saves resources and it's just more fun to cook together. grab some expandable grilling skewers for s'mores and sausages. Tree welcomed.

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