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Dolores Park (The Watering Hole)

Dyke March Saturday - DP Saturday - Where you will see EVERYONE

DP (Dolores Park) has been my place of residence every Pride Saturday since age 14. I distinctly recall getting drunk off 40's my first year while wearing a pink boa and my favorite brown flannel long sleeve. I can remember taking the J home to (Van Ness Station) and throwing up on said J bus, right on the left sleeve of my favorite shirt - there was also a point in the park where this wonderful womyn was feeding me tamales inside the first stall bathroom - bless you random tamale lady! At this point, DP only had a two-stall piece of a shat bathroom in the center of the park- took the city years to renovate it. Either way, I can't remember any faces of the folks on the bus, but they may remember me. Yes, I made it home safely that night.

DP today is home to anyone and everyone - I assume it always has been. I don't know all the history of the park. I do know that it's one of those spaces in San Francisco that I will always find a home in (most definitely on Pride Saturdays). There's a section of the park christened "GAY BEACH" - I don't hang out there too often, not on purpose, just probably out of pure laziness - Gay Beach is located in on the topmost hill of the park. Be prepared to run in anyone and everyone - seriously - if it's a hot day in SF and you find yourself at DP you'll more than likely see a few familiar faces - it's pretty glorious actually.

Comfort Level: 10/10 Safe Space POC?: Definitely Queers: All ova the place Tips: Bring a blanket, some speakers, entertainment of your choice, and just chill - also WATER! How do I get there?: - Take the J (muni) to 18th street OR take BART to 16th and mission and walk from there (about 10 mins) - also riding your bike or skating to the park is always an option. TREE Friendly

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