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The Oregon Coast

With clear skies and water, the Oregon coast feels pristine, untainted - a bit of a journey to get to, but worth it. A group of friends and I stayed here over New Years' weekend - bringing in 2022 with some serenity. What I love about the coast was how quiet and peaceful it was. In some areas, it felt like you could see to the edge of where the globe curves. Lots of opportunities to go crabbing, clamming, etc as the tides rise and fall throughout the day. During the New Years' celebration, someone drove their truck into the ocean (during low tide) and gave us a private firework show.

Along with staying at the beautiful home seen pictured below, we spent a day in Tillamook visiting their creamery. I ate lots of dairy in all varieties imaginable. Very few Black folks overall, but safety felt good.

The Oregon coast is definitely something worth experiencing, go and get it!

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